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Welcome to Wipease.com the official home of Wipease® pre-moistened Household Wipes, where we make cleaning easier. We pride ourselves on quick, easy and hygienic products. Our mission is to put a smile back into cleaning, and to make Wipease® a household name. Our products are innovative, and we continue to make improvements and develop new products for you.


As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a love for convenience, and doing ‘everything better’. My life is divided into 2 phases. Before America and America. Well, in the Before America phase, even though I loved finding ways to make life easier, let’s face it, I was spoilt. We had a housekeeper that looked after the kids, and a cook that cooked up a storm, and when the party was all over, it was like magic. We went to bed, and in the morning everything was back to normal. Before, we immigrated to America, we went into a ‘PFA’ phase Practicing for America. And this is when I discovered that ironing is too difficult, so out went the iron. Then I discovered that I needed to learn about all the different cleaning products. And right there and then Wipease® household products were born. Our products including Wipease® Silver Chrome and Copper, good for stainless steel too, a remarkable silver polish wipe and other household pre-moistened wipes were formulated, researched, designed, tested and retested. 

We launched Wipease® in Chicago 2001 at the International Housewares show. Since then we have received tremendous success, and with calls coming in from small towns across America and Canada, we continue to enjoy people asking for Wipease® by name. Many shows later, and lots of hours later, we continue to innovate and grow our business.

All of us at Wipease® Household Products are committed to having you as a “Customer for Life”. We want to provide you with OUTSTANDING products and earn your recommendation. As a customer we recognize that you have a choice in which products you purchase. Thank You for choosing Wipease®. We think it’s the greatest, but after so many people have told us “IT’S THE BEST PRODUCT I’VE EVER USED”, we are so excited to have you as our customer too. And it’s the easiest – it comes as a wipe. No can to shake, no looking around for rags. Pull the wipe from the canister and its so easy, you’ll want to wipe everything… Wipease® even puts a smile back into cleaning.

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